Libya 1952-2017 Complete Set of (34) Circulation Coins in Special Album


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Generally About to Choice Uncirculated. It’s tough and time-consuming to assemble a similar set coin-by-coin.

Includes the following coins:

Libya 1 Millieme 1952, KM-1, Schön-1
Libya 2 Milliemes 1952, KM-2, Schön-2
Libya 5 Milliemes 1952, KM-3, Schön-3
Libya 1 Piastre 1952, KM-4, Schön-4
Libya 2 Piastres 1952, KM-5, Schön-5
Libya 1 Millieme 1965//1385h, KM-6, Schön-6
Libya 5 Milliemes 1965//1385h, KM-7, Schön-7
Libya 10 Milliemes 1965//1385h, KM-8, Schön-8
Libya 20 Milliemes 1965//1385h, KM-9, Schön-9
Libya 50 Milliemes 1965//1385h, KM-10, Schön-10
Libya 100 Milliemes 1965//1385h, KM-11, Schön-11
Libya 1 Dirham 1975//1395h, KM-12, Schön-12
Libya 5 Dirhams 1975//1395h, KM-13, Schön-13
Libya 10 Dirhams 1975//1395h, KM-14, Schön-14
Libya 20 Dirhams 1975//1395h, KM-15, Schön-15
Libya 50 Dirhams 1975//1395h, KM-16, Schön-16
Libya 100 Dirhams 1975//1395h, KM-17, Schön-17
Libya 1 Dirham 1979//1399h, KM-18, Schön-18
Libya 5 Dirhams 1979//1399h, KM-19, Schön-19
Libya 10 Dirhams 1979//1399h, KM-20, Schön-20
Libya 20 Dirhams 1979//1399h, KM-21, Schön-21
Libya 50 Dirhams 1979//1399h, KM-22, Schön-22
Libya 100 Dirhams 1979//1399h, KM-23, Schön-23
Libya 1/4 Dinar 2001//MD1369h, KM-26, Schön-26
Libya ½ Dinar 2004//MD1372h, KM-27, Schön-27
Libya 50 Dirhams 2009//MD1377h, KM-28, Schön-28
Libya 100 Dirhams 2009//MD1377h, KM-29, Schön-29
Libya 1/4 Dinar 2009//MD1377h, KM-30, Schön-30
Libya ½ Dinar 2009//MD1377h, KM-31, Schön-31
Libya 50 Dirhams 2014//1435h, KM-32, Schön-32
Libya 100 Dirhams 2014//1435h, KM-33, Schön-33
Libya 1/4 Dinar 2014//1435h, KM-34, Schön-34
Libya ½ Dinar 2014//1435h, KM-35, Schön-35
Libya 1 Dinar 2017//1438h, Schön-36