Syria 1962-2003 Complete Set of (44) Circulation Coins in Special Album


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Generally About to Gem Uncirculated. It’s tough and time-consuming to assemble a similar set coin-by-coin.

Includes the following coins:

Syria 2.5 Piastres 1962//1382h, KM-93, Schön-26
Syria 2.5 Piastres 1965//1385h, KM-93, Schön-26
Syria 2.5 Piastres 1973//1393h, KM-104, Schön-37
Syria 5 Piastres 1962//1382h, KM-94, Schön-27
Syria 5 Piastres 1965//1385h, KM-94, Schön-27
Syria 5 Piastres 1971//1391h, KM-100, Schön-33
Syria 5 Piastres 1974//1394h, KM-105, Schön-38
Syria 5 Piastres 1976//1396h, KM-110, Schön-43
Syria 5 Piastres 1979//1399h, KM-116, Schön-49
Syria 10 Piastres 1962//1382h, KM-95, Schön-28
Syria 10 Piastres 1965//1385h, KM-95, Schön-28
Syria 10 Piastres 1974//1394h, KM-106, Schön-39
Syria 10 Piastres 1976//1396h, KM-111, Schön-44
Syria 10 Piastres 1979//1399h, KM-117, Schön-50
Syria 25 Piastres 1968//1387h, KM-96, Schön-29
Syria 25 Piastres 1972//1392h, KM-101, Schön-34
Syria 25 Piastres 1974//1394h, KM-107, Schön-40
Syria 25 Piastres 1976//1396h, KM-112, Schön-45
Syria 25 Piastres 1979//1399h, KM-118, Schön-51
Syria 50 Piastres 1968//1387h, KM-97, Schön-30
Syria 50 Piastres 1972//1392h, KM-102, Schön-35
Syria 50 Piastres 1974//1394h, KM-108, Schön-41
Syria 50 Piastres 1976//1396h, KM-113, Schön-46
Syria 50 Piastres 1979//1399h, KM-119, Schön-52
Syria 1 Pound 1968//1387h, KM-98, Schön-31
Syria 1 Pound 1968//1387h, KM-99, Schön-32
Syria 1 Pound 1971//1391h, KM-98, Schön-31
Syria 1 Pound 1972//1392h, KM-103, Schön-36
Syria 1 Pound 1974//1394h, KM-109, Schön-42
Syria 1 Pound 1976//1396h, KM-114, Schön-47
Syria 1 Pound 1978//1398h, KM-115, Schön-48
Syria 1 Pound 1979//1399h, KM-120.1, Schön-53
Syria 1 Pound 1991//1412h, KM-120.2, Schön-54
Syria 1 Pound 1994//1414h, KM-121, Schön-55.1
Syria 1 Pound 1996//1416h, KM-132, Schön-55.2
Syria 2 Pounds 1996//1416h, KM-125, Schön-58
Syria 5 Pounds 1996//1416h, KM-123, Schön-59
Syria 5 Pounds 2003//1424h, KM-129, Schön-63
Syria 10 Pounds 1996//1416h, KM-124, Schön-60
Syria 10 Pounds 1997//1417h, KM-128, Schön-62
Syria 10 Pounds 2003//1424h, KM-130, Schön-64
Syria 25 Pounds 1995//1416h, KM-122, Schön-56
Syria 25 Pounds 1996//1416h, KM-126, Schön-61
Syria 25 Pounds 2003//1424h, KM-131, Schön-65
Syria 50 Pounds 2018//1439h