Tunisia 5-Piece Lot of Uniface Trial Strikes 1967 Proof


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Republic 5-Piece gilt-brass Uniface Trial Set 1967
1) 2 Dinars, cf. KM286, NGC PF 64 Cameo
2) 5 Dinars, cf. KM287, NGC PF 62
3) 10 Dinars, cf. KM288, NGC PF 62
4) 20 Dinars, cf. KM289, NGC PF 62
5) 40 Dinars, cf. KM290, NGC PF 62

cf. KMPS2. Each blank reverse is marked ‘MET’. A very rare set, all representing the reverses of the accepted issue save for the 40 Dinars which shows the obverse. All sharp and uncirculated patterns.

From the Engelen Collection of World Coinage

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