Arab and Islamic coins have always been a very popular area of numismatics. However, it is also one area that only in recent years has started getting the attention that it truly deserves. The history of many of the rarer modern Middle Eastern coins is still largely unknown, and quite a few are vastly underrated. Many mistakes and inconsistencies are regularly found in reference sources available to collectors. Recent auction sales are just one small indicator of how strong this market is, judging by some of the record prices realized for better coins of this area.

Presently, many collectors of this area of numismatics rely on the semi-complete information available to build their checklists, as well as standard 2×2 flips or plain coin albums to house their coins. These can get cumbersome to organize, transport, or display.

In an effort to address these challenges and provide a road-map to date collectors of the Middle East, is pleased to offer a series of elegant, specialized coin albums. Each album covers a certain period of a nation, with designated slots for each coin indicating denomination and date. Mintage figures and additional information are included on the inside back cover of the album. The albums were designed after years of research and fact checking, to ensure that the coins presented in each album all exist and that no omissions are made.

Each hard cover album is approximately 7.5 by 9.5 inches, and contains between 3 and 6 pages with exact sized slots for each coin available for a given country. Each coin is placed within a slot which is then protected by a transparent slip on each side. The slips, one on each side of the page, keep the coins securely in place while enabling the collector to see both sides of the coin. Each album has its respective nation’s coat of arms embossed in gold on the front cover. The albums are made of PVC-free and acid- free materials.

● Secure storage of coins
● Easy to transport
● Permanently organized
● Informative display

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Showing 1–18 of 43 results